Anna Woltz

Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess.
Illustraties Jeska Verstegen Querido 2013.

German version: Meine wunderbar seltsame Woche mit Tess. (My wonderfully strange week with Tess)
Illustrated by Regina Kehn.
Translated from Dutch by Andrea Kluitmann. Carlsen 2015.

Ten-year-old Samuel finds himself dancing a Viennese waltz with a girl he’s never seen before behind a doctor’s office, and this is only the beginning of a week filled with unexpected and extraordinary events on his vacation. Together, Tess and Samuel explore the island, bury a canary, and disguise themselves on a scavenger hunt with Tess’ father, who has no idea what to think of his daughter. Samuel and Tess could not be more different. While brash Tess finally wants to get to know her father, pensive Samuel tries more and more to remove himself from his family, because in the end, he believes everyone is ultimately alone anyway. Through their shared experiences, the two unlikely friends start to learn more about themselves and what it means to be a family. In her novel My Wonderfully Strange Week with Tess, Anna Woltz realistically portrays childhood concerns of fear of loss and creating an identity, while simultaneously writing a comedic and cheerful holiday island adventure.