Carla Maia de Almeida

Irmão Lobo. Planeta Tangerina 2013.
German edition: Bruder Wolf (Brother Wolf).
Illustrated by António Jorge Gonçalves. Translated from Portuguese by Claudia Stein.
Fischer Sauerländer 2016.

The novel Irmão Lobo (Brother Wolf) depicts the gradual disintegration of a family in crisis-ridden Portugal. The narrative, told through the eyes of a young girl during two different times in her life, alternates between two different perspectives: first as she was living through events as an eight-year-old, and second, seven years later as a retrospect from when she was fifteen. The story centers on a road trip the girl took with her father. This realistic tale is made especially appealing by its use of figurative language, which is permeated by clever and subtle humor.