Jesper Wung-Sung


Opfer. Lasst uns hier raus (Victims: let us out)
Translated from Danish by Frederike Buchinger
Carl Hanser Verlag 2016

At first it’s a normal school day. But all at once the school is sealed off, a fence is erected, and drones circle the sky, making it impossible to leave the premises. Nobody knows what’s going on, and when a mysterious plague breaks out that affects many of the students and teachers, there is complete and total fear. In the tradition of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, Wung-Sung’s novel tells the story of a fight for survival in an isolated place. Like in Golding’s classic, the students in this book find themselves in two rival camps. One group has a cult leader and is ruled by animal instincts and survival of the fittest. In the other group, they attempt to maintain their humanistic values despite their situation. The book has a unique narrative voice and is told almost like a parable, but it also graphically depicts the importance of courage and strength. When placed in an existentially threatening situation, these traits are indispensable to preserve and defend humanity. (Age 13+)