Anna Woltz, Netherlands

Anna Woltz, born in London in 1981, grew up in The Hague. By age 15, she was already wrinting columns for the Durtch newspaper, De Volkskrant. She studied history at university in Leiden and has worked as a freelance journalist and author ever since. Woltz has written over twenty books for children and teens, which have won many awards and have been translated into nine different languages, including German.

Woltz writes witty, exciting, sometimes unusual adventure stories for children as well as challenging teenage novels. She skillfully manages to infuse a fresh, natural narrative voice into these stories while also incorporating challenging themes of family issues and growing up that provide psychological depth to the novels. Her two books that have German translations, Meine wunderbar seltsame Woche mit Tess (My Wonderfully Strange Week With Tess) and Kükensommer (Chick Summer), revolve around friendship, summer, and family. Both novels have a light and carefree tone but are also profoundly moving.

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