Dorit Linke was born in 1971 in Rostock in the former German Democratic Republic. Growing up, she was a competitive athlete and lifeguard. After high school and the fall of the Berlin Wall, she studied landscape architecture in Berlin and then traveled the world. She has lived in many different places such as Lübeck, Manchester, and Glasgow. Currently, she lives and works in Berlin.

Dorit Linke’s debut novel, Jenseits der Blauen Grenze (Beyond the Blue Border), was published in 2014. The story follows two friends in the summer of 1989 as they try to escape from East Germany by crossing the Baltic Sea. In addition to many positive reviews, the novel was nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award. During the Festival, students will present an enhanced ebook inspired by Jenseits der Blauen Grenze that they created as part of a special project. Using the novel as a starting point, students wrote, narrated, and performed their own stories about escape.

In 2015 the novel Fett Kohle (Fat Cash) was published. This fast-paced crime novel for children is written in the tradition of Erich Kästner’s Emil und die Detektive (Emil and the Detecitve). Like Kästner’s Emil, Fett Kohle depicts Berlin’s local charm, incorporates many clever characters, and is filled with surprises.