Paul Stewart, Great Britain

Paul Stewart, born and raised in London, lives with his family in Brighton. After studying English Literature at Lancaster University and obtaining his Masters Degree in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, he taught English for a few years in Germany and Sri Lanka. He then worked as a primary school teacher in England before he stopped to begin writing full-time.

In 1993, he met illustrator Chris Riddell, with whom Stewart has released over 40 books in the past 20 years. The Edge Chronicles series, which currently has 13 volumes, has been translated into over 30 languages.Paul Stewart writes fantasy novels that bring whimsical worlds and charismatic characters to life. He incorporates wit, hidden meanings, and detailed, vivid descriptions that delight child and adult readers alike. In the award-winning novel Fergus Crane, the first installment of the Far-Flung Adventures series, young readers ages 8 and up follow the title character as he chases down treasure-crazed pirates in a flying metal horse. In the Muddle Earth series, readers root for Joe, an ordinary schoolboy who is summoned to a fantastical land by the bumbling wizard Randalf, who says that Joe must become Muddle Earth’s warrior-hero and battle to save their world. In the exciting and complex Edge Chronicles, a series that spans a 600 year period, Stewart creates a world filled with humans, gnomes, trolls, banderbears, and other fantastic creatures. Readers ages 12 and up dive headfirst into risky expeditions, bloody power struggles, and nasty intrigues, while following the fates of the Edge Chronicles’ likable heroes. Older teens will enjoy Stewart’s fascinating Wyrmewald Trilogy, a bleak but captivating blend of dragons, fantasy, and the Wild West.

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