Jamshid Khanian, Iran

Jamshid Khanian, born in 1961 in Abadan, is a scholar of literature, literary critic and one of the best-known authors for young adults in Iran. In the early nineties, he wrote his first novels, which were directed towards an adult readership. In the late 1990s, he started writing children's books and has now published ten novels and story books. His texts are characterized by technical precision, detailed observation, humor and poetry. Jamshid Khanian loves playing with shapes and styles and often invents amazing settings and plots for his stories.

One issue he has repeatedly explored in his writing is the Iran-Iraq war. He has received many national awards for his books. Several of his books have been reworked for the stage. Jamshid Khanian lives in Isfahan.

Jamshid Khanian will be accompanied by Ayeda Alavie, tranlator.