Jason Reynolds, USA

American author Jason Reynolds, born in 1983, grew up in Washington DC and studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Maryland. He lived in Brooklyn, New York for many years, but has now moved back to the city of his childhood. Because many young people feel bored while reading, Reynolds is determined to never write a "boring book.

In recent years, he has published books that are anything but boring, and are also some of the best books that the American youth book market currently has to offer. His titles regularly find their way onto US bestseller lists and have won many awards.
Within a short time Jason Reynolds has become a strong young voice in American youth literature. In the last three years, he has published eight novels, three of which have already been translated into German.

Jason Reynolds will be accompanied by Claudia Söffner, specialist for English language literature at the International Youth Library.

© Photo: Dana Roc