Ali Mitgutsch, father of the "picture book with detailed scenes" and chronicler of the world in miniature, was born in 1935 in Munich where he still lives today. After a sad childhood and unhappy years in a village school during the Second World War, he became a graphic artist, picture book painter and an enthusiastic world traveler. His 1968 book "Rundherum in mein Stadt" (All around in my city) was awarded with the German Youth Literature Prize 1969 and was sold more than 1.3 million times.

With over 70 picture books, countless school books, posters, puzzles, graphic sheets and objects his oeuvre resembles a school of seeing. The fine look of the Hans-Christian-Andersen prize-winner for the rituals of everyday life creates picture worlds without words that captivate both small and large viewers. Generations of children have learned with his pictures to understand their environment and to focus their attention on little things.