Alois Prinz was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1958. He studied German Studies, Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Science in Munich. In addition, he completed a journalistic education and in 1988 he published a work on the 1968 student movement and its influence on the literature. Until 1994, Prinz worked as a journalist, now concentrating on the writing of specialist books. His focus is on life stories aimed at young people and adults alike.

In 2004, his thrillingly written biography, "Rather angray than sad. The Life History of Ulrike Marie Meinhof " (2003) was awarded with the German Youth Literary Prize. With an appropriate distance and at the same time very sensitive, he tells a lifestory that reflects the post-war history of the Federal Republic and raises fundamental questions of political ethics. Prince's extraordinary book "[...] is an uninterrupted understanding-willing without consent", wrote the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung".

His other works in which he deals with radical cross-borderers, unadmitted outsiders, great doubters and seekers such as Hannah Arendt, Hermann Hesse, Frank Kafka, or the Apostle Paul are brilliantly written. They are convincing by their empathic view on the protagonists and the historical, philosophical and psychological background, which the author knows how to dose and how to blend.

The author lives near Munich.