André Letria, Portugal

André Letria, born in Lisbon in 1973, has been illustrating books for children and adults since 1992. His books have been published in the USA, England, Spain, Italy and German-speaking countries, and have received numerous awards. He also designs stage sets for theatre, developed animated films and founded the Pato Lógico publishing house in Lisbon in 2010, where he also publishes his own books.

For individual book projects André Letria works together with his father, the Portuguese writer and dramatist José Jorge Letria.  Whether in the enchanting homage "If I were a book" or in the stirring picture book "The War" - in this creative duo text and picture merge in a very special poetic way. André Letria is not content with simple illustrations: he always adds an extra dimension to the texts in his illustrations.

André Letria is accompanied by Jochen Weber, Head of the language sections of the International Youth Library.