Bart Moeyaert, born in 1964 in Bruges, Belgium, is one of the most important and ambitious children's and youth book authors of the present. In Germany he made his breakthrough in 1997 with the book Blote handen (Mere Hands). He has received many national and international prizes since then for his books. Also for the Hans Christian Andersen- and the Astrid Lindgren-Memory-Award, Moeyaert has already been nominated several times. He also writes books and plays and translates from German, English and French.

His books have been translated into 20 languages. Poetically, sonorously and with a look for the essential, they narrate of important human experiences: of fears and hopes, happiness and despair, love, disappointment and loss. His language is intense, his stories profound and always close to the young protagonists on their way to adulthood. He creates this proximity in his readings, from which he, as he himself says, makes "a kind of performance, a play".

© Photo: Dries Luyten