Grzegorz Kasdepke was born in 1972 in Białystok, Poland, and spent his childhood on a farm. When he came to school, he was the only child who could not write his name. He began to read only as an adult. He studied journalism and political science at the University of Warsaw and wrote children's stories. Several of his texts appeared in the children's magazine "Swierszczyk", for which he worked for many years as chief editor. In the meantime, Kasdepke is one of the most popular children's booksellers in his home country and belongs to the generation of young writers who rely on children's intellectual abilities and put a playful narrative in place of strict didactics.

Kasdepke's stories in the tradition of Erich Ohser's "Father and Son" and René Goscinny's "The Little Nick" received the Kornel Makuszynski Prize. The author, who also writes film and television scripts, lives in Warsaw.