Kenneth Oppel, Canada

Kenneth Oppel, born in 1967 in Port Alberni in British Columbia, Canada, grew up in Victoria and Halifax and now lives with his family in Toronto. He decided early on to become a writer: At twelve he wrote his first stories and a short time later a novel about a video game addict boy. Through family contacts, the manuscript reached the British author Roald Dahl, who recommended it to his agent and thus helped the young author to publish his debut "Colin's Fantastic Video Adventure" in 1985. Since then Kenneth Oppel has been writing - and studied Film Studies and English Literature at Trinity College, University of Toronto, in parallel.

His 30 or so publications to date - including picture books, children's books and (serial) novels for young people - are mostly set in fantasy worlds and science fiction galaxies. Many times translated, they have often received awards. For example, the Canadian Library Association named "The Nest", which raises questions about human dignity, euthanasia and genetic engineering, "Children's Book of the Year" in 2016. In his latest novel "Bloom", Kenneth Oppel deals with climate change and its (in)possible consequences.

© Photo: Mark Raynes Roberts