Luis María Pescetti, childrens writer, songwriter and comedian, was born in 1958 in the Argentine province of Santa Fé. As a trained music therapist who worked with mentally ill children and adults, he contributed composition, pianism and singing autodidactically. He has worked as a musician, directed various cultural centers in Buenos Aires, and moderated numerous radio and television shows. His book series "Frin" (2000: Stories of Frin), awarded with the Premio Fantasía Infantil (2000), and "Natacha" (1998, "Hoppla Natascha", 2010) made him one of Argentina's most popular children's books writer.

Pescetti, who also appears as a musician in Latin America and Spain, has published more than 20 books. He has also recorded six music albums, is engaged in essays dealing with humor, play and music and maintains a popular Internet blog. He lives in Buenos Aires.