Marie-Aude Murail, born in Le Havre in 1954, comes from a family of writers and, with more than two million sold titles, is one of the most popular children's and youth booksellers in France. She promoted at the Sorbonne in Paris and startet writing in 1986. Her award-winning work ranges from illustrated children's books and young readers to fantastic stories and novels for young adults.

Murail's often bitter stories about the adolescent, high-minded children and selfish adults are characterized by grotesquely complicated situations which the author knows how to express with humor, without questioning the seriousness of her characters. With refreshing carelessness, she writes about superhuman strengths and weaknesses and the dangers of normality, as also in "Simple" (2006). Simpel, who, despite his 22 years, has the intellectual level of a three-year-old, and his 17-year-old brother Colbert, who moves with him into a flat share. "[...] a bewilderingly comical homage of love and otherness," said the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". In 2008 the novel received the German Youth Literary Prize.

The author, who is the bearer of the Order of Merit of the French honorary legion, lives in Orléans.