Mirjam Pressler is one of Germany's most successful and successful children's books author. She was born in 1940 in Darmstadt and grew up in a foster home. After studying art (in Frankfurt) and languages ​​(in Munich), she spent a year in a kibbutz in Israel. She started writing after the births of her three daughters, whom she raised alone. Since 1980 she has established herself as a freelance writer and literary translator. For both her extensive literary work, as well as her numerous literary translations (including Uri Orlev, Zeruyah Shalev, Amoz Oz, and the translation of the critical edition of the Anne Frank diary), she was honored with renowned literature awards, including the German Youth Literary Prize for her overall work and the German Book Prize for their literary work.

Mirjam Pressler's novel are characterized by narrative intensity, linguistic density and emotional depth. They touch the reader intensively. Mirjam Pressler has written more than 50 books and translated 300 novels from Hebrew, Dutch, English and Afrikaans. Meanwhile she is a six-time grandmother and lives with her second husband near Munich.

© Photo: Karin Seggelke / Beltz & amp; Gelberg