Shaw Kuzki, Japan

Shaw Kuzki, born in Hiroshima in 1957, belongs to the successor generation of survivors of the US atomic bomb attack in August 1945. She studied Anglo-Irish literature at Sophia University in Tokyo and worked as a lecturer for English and English literature at two universities. Today Shaw Kuzki lives in Kamakura in the Japanese prefecture of Kanagawa. Since her literary debut in 2005, she has been one of Japan's most important and successful authors of books for children and young people.

Her award-winning work includes fantastic stories as well as realistic novels about self-discovery and humanity. And yet many of her stories can be assigned to a specific Japan-specific genre: the so-called atomic bomb literature, which deals with the atomic bombs dropped on Japan and their consequences and thus keeps the memory alive.

Shaw Kuzki will be moderated by the translator and interpreter Yoshiko Döring.

© Photo: Hideki Wakabayashi