Tanja Maljartschuk, Ukraine

Tanja Maljartschuk, born in 1983 in Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine, studied philology at the Prykarpattya National University and worked as a television journalist in Kiev after her studies. In 2004 she published her literary debut in her home country and in 2009 her first collection of stories written in German in an Austrian publishing house. Since 2011 Tanja Maljartschuk lives in Vienna. Besides other novels and stories she wrote columns for the "Deutsche Welle" and "Zeit Online".In 2018 she won the 42nd Ingeborg Bachmann Prize for her text "Frogs in the Sea", written in German.

Her first children's book "Mox Nox", so far only available in Ukrainian, is an eerie dystopia about faith and trust. Tanja Maljartschuk tells of a gloomy world populated by strange creatures, in which only submission to a superior hierarchy seems to count - and of what it takes to remain true to oneself in such system.

Tanja Maljartschuk is accompanied by Katja Wiebe, lecturer for Eastern European Literatures at the International Youth Library.

© Photo:  Michael Schwarz