Toon Tellegen - the "writer-philosopher", as the weekly magazine "Vrij Nederland" called him - was born in 1941 in Den Briel. Until 1997, he combined his profession as a medical doctor with his work as a writer, worked for several years in Kenya and finally practiced in Amsterdam. He entered the literary stage as a lyricist. Today, he is one of the most important children's books in the Netherlands.

Above all, Tellegen's poetic animal stories, which are available in more than 15 volumes, have set standards. He presents a curious figure crew around elephants, ants and squirrels and describes their charming encounters and conversations. With great elegance, the master of the Dutch children's literature contributes cheerful and thoughtful tones into a noisy world. Almost 40 children's books have been presented by Tellegen since 1984, as well as poetry and poetry works for adults. He was honored with his Theo Thijssenprijs, the Dutch State Prize, in 1997 for his unmistakable tale. The writer lives in Amsterdam.