Yves Grevet, France

 Yves Grevet, born in Paris in 1961, grew up in the Parisian suburb of Vitry-sur-Seine and now lives with his family east of Paris. He completed teacher qualifications at the Melun University of Education, taught French for two years in Ankara and worked as a teacher in France until 2015.

Yves Grevet achieved his literary breakthrough with his dystopian novel trilogy "Méto". Immediately becoming a multiple award-winning bestseller in France, the first part was nominated for the German Youth Literature Prize 2013: "Méto. The House" is about self-empowerment and rebellion against an authoritarian system. The fight against total technological surveillance is the subject of Yves Grevet's new novel "Vront". Like all of the author's books, this forward-looking thriller demands a lot from its readers, but guarantees maximum suspense and a long reverberation.

Yves Grevet will be moderated by Sibylle Weingart, lecturer for francophone literature at the International Youth Library.