Bjørn F. Rørvik: To små riddere

To små riddere.
(Two little knights)
Illustrated by Alice Lima de Faria.
Cappelen Damm AS 2021.
German edition: Zwei kleine Ritter.
Translated from the Norwegian by Barbara Giller.
Picus 2023.

Knight Rosebush cannot make up his mind. Which pair of shoes should he wear to the jousting tournament: the pointy black sandals or his new shoes with the leopard pattern? Because he dallies around too long, nearly all the other knights have already set off before the King raises the alarm. The only other knight still at court is Knight Zack, aka Zack-boom, because he is always stumbling about. Of all people, it falls to these two to find the missing princess, who appears to have been abducted by the dragon. In search of the dragon’s den, they must first traverse the oak forest, where Zack-boom keeps bumping into trees and Rosebush needs to take a pee – no easy task in knight’s armour! Bjørn F. Rørvikdepicts two bumbling companions who readily admit to their weaknesses, worries and fears; a princess who despises golden shoes and simply wants to go off alone to the corner shop; and a girl dragon who uses the welder instead of spewing flames. A fabulous knight’s tale about just being oneself. (Age: 6+)