Lisa Krusche: The universe is bloody big and super mystical

Das Universum ist verdammt groß und supermystisch.
(The universe is bloody big and super mystical)
Illustrated by Felicitas Horstschäfer. 
Beltz & Gelberg 2021.


“Life is a huge pain,” says Gustav’s grandfather. And ever since “that man” appeared on the scene, Gustav knows what he means. His mother’s new boyfriend gives Gustav a present of a water plant instead of the dog he was longing for and wants to take holidays on the Baltic Sea. Not with him! Out of protest Gustav stops speaking. Then a strange girl named Charles suddenly turns up, someone who is just as fearless as she is easy-going. With Gustav and his grandfather, a former circus clown, she decides to track down Gustav’s real father. During their daring travels across Europe, they have all sorts of super mystical encounters; they uncover secrets and learn to admit to their mistakes. Along the way Gustav begins to speak again and Grandfather meets up with old friends. This fast-paced road novel is filled with situational comedy – and celebrates two headstrong personalities who cautiously open up to each other and reveal their (inner) worlds. (Age: 10+)