M. G. Leonard: Twitch (The Twitchers #1)

Twitch (The Twitchers #1)
Walker Books U.K. 2021
German edition: Die Geheimnisse von Birdwood – Das Versteck
Translated from the English by Tanja Ohlsen
cbj 2022

Due to the nervous blinking of his eyes, Corvus Featherstone has been called Twitch since he was a child. And when he learns that twitcher is the name for dedicated birdwatchers, he even likes his nickname – because he likes birds. Getting along with other people is harder – especially his classmates, who like to bully the loner. That is why he looks forward to the school holidays, when he can spend time undisturbed in the nature reserve Aves Wood. Against all odds, however, a series of sudden events leads to Twitch getting caught up in yet another crime case. The idea for this first book about Twitch came to M. G. Leonard when she discovered that detectives and birdwatchers need very similar skills. And thus, she combines both here: a suspenseful story with many clever turns of plot and the interweaving of interesting information about birds, nature, and human responsibility. (Age: 10+)