Max de Radiguès: Simon & Louise

Simon & Louise.
Sarbacane 2020.
German edition: Simon & Louise.
Translated from the French by Silv Bannenberg.
Reprodukt 2022.

520 kilometres separate Simon and Louise at the beginning of their two-month-long summer holidays. At least with his new mobile phone Simon hopes to stay in close contact. But then, on Facebook, he sees that Louise has set her status to “single”. She confesses that her father has urged her to do so, because he thinks she is too young to be in love. “One can’t choose who one falls in love with,” says Simon’s mother, on the other hand, and “there is no right age for it.” While Simon sets off without further ado for Montpellier, hoping to win Louise back, she ponders over the difference between love and friendship. And she lets her cousin talk her into doing things she doesn’t want to do. Max de Radiguès unfolds the story of Simon and Louise by giving each of their perspectives. In this fast-paced love story full of misunderstandings, coincidences, and surprising encounters he tells how two young people grow beyond their themselves. (Age: 12+)