André Letria, Portugal

André Letria was born in 1973 in Lisbon. Since 1992 he has illustrated books for children and adults. Published in the USA, the UK, Spain, Italy and in German-speaking countries, his books have won numerous prizes. In addition, he designs set for theatre and creates animated films. In 2010 in Lisbon he founded the publishing house Pato Lógico, where he now publishes his own books.

For several of his book projects André Letria has worked together with his father, the writer and journalist José Jorge Letria. Whether creating a charming hommage to reading with “If I was a book” or developing the stirring picture book “The war” – the text and pictures of this creative duo blend together in an especially poetic style. André Letria is not satisfied with providing plain illustrations; instead, he always lends the texts and an additional dimension.

The events with André Letria are moderated by Tina Rausch, literature pedagogue and literary critic.

To "The War"and "If I were a book" from André Letria

© Photo: Midas Verlag, Zürich