Max de Radiguès, Belgium

Max de Radiguès was born in Belgium in 1982 and lives today in Brussels. He is a member of the publishing collective at the comics publisher L’Employé du Moi and programme director for Éditions Sarbacane. As a writer of comics, he draws and writes for children, youth and adults. His comic novel “Brothers” won the Prix des Collégiens in 2011 and the Prix Bulles de Cristal in 2012. At the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna in 2020 his graphic novel “Simon & Louise” received a special mention in competition for the Ragazzi Award.

Max de Radiguès’ comics are set in the living worlds of children and teenagers. With his distinctive style he creates a coherent atmosphere – in black-and-white or in colour. He cleverly employs different time planes and perspectives. He can shift in a virtuoso way between action-packed panels to quiet sequences that reflect the inner life of his young figures. Along the way one finds references to Jack London, Jules Verne, Hergé, and Quentin Tarantino.

The events with Max de Radiguès are moderated by Oliver Ilan Schulz, the specialist for French literature at the International Youth Library.

To „Frangins“ and „Simon & Louise“ from Max de Radiguès

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