Bjørn F. Rørvik: Prikkesyken


Illustrated by Per Dybvig.
Cappelen Damm 2010.
German edition: Fuchs & Ferkel. Torte auf Rezept.
Illustrated by
Claudia Weikert.
Translated from the Norwegian by
Meike Blatzheim.
Klett Kinderbuch 2022.

The curly tail pig with no curl in his tail is sure about one thing: “There certainly must be an ailment for which one has to drink lemonade and eat marshmallow teacakes in order to get healthy again.” And that’s the illness he wants to have. The fox, aka Doctor Girlander, writes up the necessary prescription. And in the wink of an eye, the pig who had felt quite faint with the “spotty disease” has regained all his strength – thanks to marzipan cake and lemonade. No doubt it is because of this delicious medicine that all the other animals in the forest quite suddenly fall deathly ill! Fortunately, Doctor Girlander is familiar with all kinds of home remedies – boogers dissolved in water, for example… Playful and hugely enjoyable, Bjørn F. Rørvik’s “The spotty disease” lampoons the power of imagination and inspires further thoughts and conversation about one’s own poppycock ideas, favourite foods and the best remedies for a grumbling tummy, a cough, the “spotty disease” or other ominous maladies. (Age: 6+)