M. G. Leonard: Spark (The Twitchers #2)

Spark (The Twitchers #2)
Walker Books U.K. 2022.
German edition: Die Geheimnisse von Birdwood – Die Rettung.
Translated from the English by Tanja Ohlsen.
cbj 2023

The second title in the crime adventure series is told from the perspective of Jack.Originally one of the schoolboys in Twitch’s class who picked on him, the two became close friends over the course of the exciting events in the first volume. Meanwhile Twitch is the leader of a small birdwatcher group which seeks to protect rare species of birds. In this book the friends follow a number of different goals: Jack wants to track down the person who has been shooting at house pets in Aves Wood with an air rifle, injuring them sometimes quite seriously. Twitch is interested in a bearded vulture that he caught sight of in the nature reserve and wants to protect at all costs. Preoccupied with this, he nearly overlooks the fact that his friend needs protection, too. Once again, the author accomplishes the feat of sensitising young readers to the issues of nature conservation in a gripping crime story and sharing her own enthusiasm for birds with them. (Age: 10+)