Martin Muser: Kannawoniwasein! Sometimes you just have to beat it!

Kannawoniwasein! Manchmal muss man einfach verduften 
(“Kannawoniwasein!” Sometimes you just have to beat it!)
Carlsen 2018.

In just three weeks and two days Finn will turn ten. Then he would have finally been allowed to take his first train trip on his own. But now because his father is not able to chauffeur him to his mother’s, the almost-10-year-old is already sitting alone in the regional express to Berlin. And in no time at all, he gets robbed. Train ticket, money, mobile, snack – everything gone. Kicked off the train by the grouchy conductor, Finn runs away from the police with the daring Jola and embarks on an adventure-filled trip to get to the “Tzitti” with his new friend. Inspired by Eric Kästner’s “Emil and the detectives”, Martin Muser plays a wild game with his literary role model. Finn and Jola come across one of the last remaining coin-operated phone booths in Germany, abscond with a tractor, meet a king, a president, and a real wolf – and become blood brothers of a special kind. An unbelievably funny road novel and a heart-warming story of friendship in the here and now. (Age: 10+)