Sarah Jäger: Platypus deluxe

Schnabeltier Deluxe.
(Platypus deluxe)
Rotfuchs Taschenbuchverlag 2022.

“Everything flew apart, and something new arose from it”. That’s how Kim described the big bang on her Physics test – and ends up with a failing grade. And when she then tosses the percolator out of the window of the teachers’ room as part of an experiment for her big bang theory, something new really does begin. She is expelled from school and sent packing. Or, more precisely, back to the village and René, her mother’s ex-boyfriend. Kim is supposed to learn to control her temper and get her school leaving certificate despite everything. The first part works out pretty well, so Kim takes a job at the petrol station to be able to pay back the damages she caused. When she gets to know first Janne, the hairdresser, and a little later Alex, something else new begins to develop. Kim finds herself in a complicated triangular relationship and slowly recognises where her destructive tendencies come from. Sarah Jäger narrates the story consistently from Kim’s point of view, with a fine sensibility for her fickle hero’s state of mind, and a grandiose feeling for the language. (Age: 14+)