Ingo Siegner: The little dragon Coconut

Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss
(The little dragon Coconut)
Children’s book series since 2002

The little dragon Coconut will turn 21 this year. In all the years he has been travelling around the world he has experienced ever so much. Whether in the Stone Age, with the Romans, in a jungle, in outer space or even sitting for his dragon exams – during all his adventures there is one thing that Coconut learns again and again: the most important thing in the life of a dragon is having best friends who you can always depend on. He has found them in Matilda the Porcupine and Oscar the Greedy Dragon, who are always at his side. The 31st and most recent book in the main series is “Commotion in the Dragon School”, which is also published in versions with puzzles, quizzes, or as an audio edition. The three friends are the heroes of two movies, a TV series, stage plays and even a musical. However, the best thing of all is when Ingo Siegner himself takes to the stage. Reading aloud is for him the “the icing on the cake.” While drawing on a flipchart, and dramatizing his story in constant interaction with his audience, Ingo Siegner knows how to make his little figures come alive. (Age: x+)

Please note: Ingo Siegner is only at the festival on July 16th and 17th for readings in Blutenburg Castle.