Margit Auer, Germany

Margit Auer, born in 1967 in Mühldorf am Inn, grew up in nearby Waldkraiburg and wanted to become a postwoman as a child. She studied journalism at the Catholic University of Eichstätt, worked as a daily newspaper editor and later as a freelance reporter. After the birth of three children she hardly had time to write articles, but all the more to read children's books aloud. Inspired by this, she began to write stories for children herself - stories that no publisher wanted to publish for a long time.

After her debut "Verschwörung am Limes" was finally released in 2010, Margit Auer had her big breakthrough three years later: Her children's book series "The School of Magical Animals" has been translated into 22 languages and sold over two million copies worldwide.

In autumn 2020, "The School of Magical Animals" will come to the cinema - with real people and animated animals, to which well-known actors and actresses lend their voices.

© Foto: Richard Auer

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