Tuutikki Tolonen, Finland

Tuutikki Tolonen, born in Suomussalmi in 1975, studied philosophy and Finnish literature at the Universities of Oulu and Jyväskylä and Spanish and Latin American literature at the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires. Today she lives with her family in Helsinki. Besides a large number of children's books, she writes plays, scientific articles and for "Vinski", a Finnish literary magazine for children.

Tuutikki Tolonen owes the inspiration for "Monsternanny" to her son at a family breakfast: He had heard on the radio that all Finnish mothers were going on holiday and were taking care of the children with monsters instead, the then six-year-old said. The result is a book series that was awarded the Arvid Lydecken Prize in 2016, in which, according to Deutschlandfunk radio, the children's book classics "Where the Wild Guys Live" and "Mary Poppins" meet. In short: monstrous fun for the whole family!

Tuutikki Tolonen is accompanied by the Munich author and translator Barbara Lehnerer. The texts in German will be read by actress Dascha von Waberer.

© Photo: Karolina Ek - Tammi Publishers